Smap3D PLM:

The Optimal Integration of Solid Edge in SAP PLM

Smap3D SAP PLM Solid EdgeThese days, many companies use SAP to direct their business processes. The Smap3D PLM integration solution makes it possible to manage Solid Edge data securely and consistently within SAP including it within SAP processes. Smap3D PLM supports parallel development throughout the entire product life cycle – from product concept through to maintenance. The all-round data provision and process integration into one system affords a considerable acceleration of the business process – without limiting creativity of development and construction.

Intuitive, graphic user surfaces

Smap3D SAP PLM Solid EdgeWhat makes Solid Edge Integration special is its graphic user surface. Using this, every task for management of data and models can be quickly and simply carried out. Knowledge of SAP is not required, as the intuitive operating interface includes each relevant function within itself.

Users thereby obtain automatic access to all necessary SAP PLM functions and processes. Even the direct processing of objects takes place within the direct context of SAP PLM so that the consistency of CAD data is guaranteed at all times. Moreover, users are also provided with, amongst other things, SAP system high performance search functions. Applying these, it is possible to locate Solid Edge models and designs and to reuse them.


Scope of Service at a Glance

Seamless integration into Solid Edge

For interaction with SAP PLM, a corresponding menu is integrated into the Solid Edge toolbar. This guarantees complete support from the Solid Edge functions. The integration provides the user process-optimized screen masks. Through close cooperation with Siemens PLM Software, a prompt interface release of new Solid Edge versions is guaranteed.

Function summary

  • Organisation of data via folder structures, context view and thumbnail images.
  • Controlled management of Microsoft documents.
  • Support for every type of company administrative document.
  • Application, display, modification and search of document information and material masters.
  • Users are actively informed as soon as modifications to objects are carried out on their watch list.
  • Object linking via drag and drop or copy and paste.
  • Execution of mass operations such as clearance, versioning and attribute alteration.
  • Access to SAP classification: objects are classified via drag and drop, navigation of class tree,
    search and maintenance of key data.
  • Access to engineering alteration management via drag and drop.
  • Access via drag and drop to office functionality, supports SAP work flow and ad hoc reports.
  • Instantaneous access to attachments such as SAP documents, material or modification masters.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Automatic thumbnail generation and display.
  • Management of part families.
  • Automatic completion of draft-lettering head with values from document information, material
    or modification master.
  • Storage of drafts in SAP PLM with parallel filing of drafts in TIFF format or configurable as PDF data.

Management of bills of materials and material masters

  • Automatic filing of BOMs from active Solid Edge assemblies in SAP PLM.
  • Automatic linking of document information with material masters.
  • Automatic updating of BOM items subsequent to modification of Solid Edge models.
  • Various BOM resolutions.
  • Presentation of product structure in BOM form or with the SAP product structure browser.
  • Display of parts utilized.

Online display of SAP data to parts and assemblies

  • Display of document information and material master data in a Solid Edge active model or draft.
  • Display of BOM from SAP PLM in an active Solid Edge assembly.
  • Display of active Solid Edge assembly product structure.