Smap3D Plant Design Studio

The Stand-alone Solution including 3D CAD System

These bundles are ideal for companies that
- are planning a cost-effective transition from 2D to 3D,
- do not have a CAD system but require a software solution for 3D pipeline design,
- are searching for easy-to-use plant design software that offers a universal process chain in one data format.

Smap3D Plant Design Studio BASIC
- 3D CAD Solid Edge OEM
- Smap3D Piping
4.950,00 EURO*
(plus MwSt./VAT 5.890,50 EURO)
Smap3D Plant Design Studio ISO
- 3D CAD Solid Edge OEM
- Smap3D Piping
- Smap3D Isometrics
6.950,00 EURO*
(plus MwSt./VAT 8.270,50 EURO)
Add-on for process engineering:
Smap3D P&ID
3.650,00 EURO*
(plus MwSt./VAT 4.343,50 EURO)
* Prices for
Nodelocked version


  • Overview of Solid Edge OEM functions (included in Studio BASIC and ISO)

    • CAD basic version for direct modelling and complete parametric sequential construction
    • Fast generation of new components and processing of outside data through synchronous technology
    • To video
    • Fast import of outside data at the touch of a button: inputting and processing of all common formats (e.g. Step, Iges, DXF, DWG)
    • Easy transfer of 2D data into 3D CAD (incl. Wizard): option for hybrid work
    • Easy to learn 3D CAD: integrated help by way of videos, interface similar to Microsoft Office
    • Fast work with parts and larger assemblies
    • Generation of drawings compliant with standards (DIN, ISO, BSI and ANSI) incl. derivation of drawings from volume models or assemblies
    • Free viewer for individual parts, drawings and assemblies

    Overview of Solid Edge OEM functions

  • Overview of Smap3D Piping functions (included in Studio BASIC and ISO)

    • Comprehensive solution for plant and pipeline design with high process reliability
    • Speed and stability: one-time data entry
    • Contains over 120,000 standard parts in 3D
    • Integration of CADENAS catalogs possible
    • Immediate implementation by working with pipe specifications and existing standard pipe specifications
    • Automatic generation of pipelines by way of pipe specifications
    • Plausibility checks and collision tests
    • Tools for generating and maintaining pipe specifications
    • Automatic updating after changes
    • Automatic generation of drawings and parts lists
    • Consideration of slopes and inclines
    • Tool to generate round and non-round pipelines
    • Automatic placement of 45 and 90 degree molded arches, 45 and 90 degree molded T-pieces with the same cross-section and reduced, molded flanges and gaskets, molded pipes between the placed molded fittings, and placement of fixed length pipes.
  • Overview of Smap3D Isometrics functions (included in Studio ISO)

    • Generation of pipeline isometrics at the touch of a button from the 3D assembly
    • Adjustments and configurations (rules and attribute assignments) via the Smap3D Isometric interface
    • Takeover of the 3D pipelines generated in Smap 3D Piping (incl. all installation parts and saved properties) with transfer via the PCF format to the integrated ISOGEN®
    • Processing of information with ISOGEN® and automated generation of the isometric drawing in DXF, DFT, SLDDRW or DGN (MicroStation) format.
    • Automatic evaluations of parts lists, e.g. cut lengths for individual pipes, total pipe length, required fittings and components, required weld seams, and more
    • Generation of custom symbols with Isometric Symbol Editor


Interfaces for Smap3D Plant Design Studio

Input IGES 3D, STEP, Parasolid, SAT, xml, UG NX, PRO Engineer, SOLIDWORKS, EMS, I-DEAS-Part (pkt), I-DEAS exchange file (xpk), Zugriff auf I-DEAS TDM Database, Microstation, DWG, DXF, IGES 2D, STL, JT, Solid Edge Dateien (3D) in UG NX or IDEAS
Output IGES 3D, STEP, Parasolid, SAT, EMS, UG Bookmark, JT, VRML, xml, Microstation, DWG, DXF, IGES 2D, XGL, STL, Bitmap, JPEG, TIFF, PDF

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